Partnering With Founders To Reach New Summits


Founder-Centric Partners

At our core, we empower the founders we collaborate with by infusing fresh and dynamic perspectives into the equation. Our approach is firmly grounded in our wealth of experience and an expansive network, ready to drive your growth journey forward. When we decide to partner with you, it's a choice rooted in a deep understanding of how we can genuinely elevate your venture. We have no intention of taking the driver’s seat; our faith in you and your vision remains steadfast, and we will firmly support and endorse all your decisions. As founder-centric partners, our primary goal is to align our interests with yours, fostering a cooperative and mutually advantageous relationship.

We highly value diverse thoughts and perspectives, ensuring a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and decision-making. Our commitment extends far beyond the immediate future, as we are dedicated to nurturing the long-term success of your venture and are always available for needed guidance. Through our extensive network, we will connect you with a wide range of stakeholders, provide several resources, and continuously collaborate closely with you, with the ultimate aim of catalyzing growth. Your autonomy and creative liberty are of paramount importance to us, and we adapt our support to suit your evolving needs and challenges. Transparent communication, ethical business practices, and a dedication to celebrating your accomplishments are fundamental to our partnership. We are your companions on the entrepreneurial journey, fully devoted to propelling your vision to new heights while staying at the forefront of industry trends and innovations.

Pre-Seed to Series A

We initially partner with you at anytime from a pre-market stage up until you've established market fit and are prepared to scale, whilst conitnuing to support you in the stages ahead

B2B SaaS

We exclusively focus on software targeted at businesses, favoring solutions built for enterprise use cases

Fintech, Proptech, & Future of Work

Our vertical focus stems on industries where we have deep rooted understanding and can leverage our resource library and network to help our portfolio founders

Europe & USA

Whilst we embrace the growth of emerging markets for expansion and business purposes but exclusively partner with founders who's HQ sit in Euorpe and USA.

Journeys we backed

We carefully choose the ventures we support, ensuring there is a strong alignment between us as we cultivate our partnership, with the goal of creating a lasting impact. Embracing the diversity among our partners and entrepreneurs, we acknowledge that everyone is at a different stage, running their unique marathons, yet all sharing the common desire to reach the peak.

Meet Your Partners

We are a collective of investors, operators, and founders, pooling our diverse range of experiences, achievements, and trials to enrich our collective knowledge and intellectual capabilities as a team. This principle revolves around the notion that lasting success is the product of a collaborative journey. Within 14Peaks, the seamless integration of strengths and competencies within our team propels founders' progress forward.
Our team
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