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Founder-Centric Partners

At 14Peaks we partner with forward-thinking founders who are on a mission to reshape the software landscape. Our approach to forging partnerships is entirely founder-centric, grounded in an unwavering belief in and support for their vision. We don't just stop at the financial backing – we aim to be growth catalysts for our portfolio founders, equipping them with valuable resources, expertise, operational support, and the vast connections within our global network across various industries. We're not just investors; we're committed allies, working side by side with ambitious founders to turn their transformative visions into reality.

Our commitment to our founders extends beyond the initial stages of partnership. We understand that the journey to building category defining businesses is dynamic and filled with challenges. That's why, at 14Peaks, we adapt our support to the evolving needs of our founders and provide ongoing guidance, leveraging our collective experience and insights to navigate the ever-changing environment. Whether it's fine-tuning strategies, addressing operational hurdles, or exploring new growth avenues, we're dedicated to ensuring that our founders have the support they need at every turn. Our success is intricately linked with the success of our portfolio, and we're here for the long haul, committed to being the reliable partner that ambitious entrepreneurs can count on throughout their journey.

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Fintech, Proptech, & Future of Work


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Journeys we're backing

We carefully choose the ventures we support, ensuring there is a strong alignment between us as we cultivate our partnership, with the goal of creating a lasting impact. Embracing the diversity among our partners and entrepreneurs, we acknowledge that everyone is at a different stage, running their unique marathons, yet all sharing the common desire to reach the peak.

Meet Your Partners

We are a collective of investors, operators, and founders, pooling our diverse range of experiences, achievements, and trials to enrich our collective knowledge and intellectual capabilities as a team. This principle revolves around the notion that lasting success is the product of a collaborative journey. Within 14Peaks, the seamless integration of strengths and competencies within our team propels founders' progress forward.
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